International Microwave Symposium 2024

3 sneak peaks into what we will be showcasing:


  1. Advancements of 5G and 6G Network Technologies with Rutgers University 
Discover the Tabor Electronics Ltd. Proteus Arbitrary Waveform Transceiver, TMY Technology Inc. (TMYTEK) microwave and millimeter frequency converters/beam formers, Signal Hound real-time spectrum analyzer, and Anritsu Test & Measurement VNA. This system is crucial for the development of 5G-Advanced and 6G technologies like FR3. 

  1. 10 Tips for Electronic Warfare and Radar Signal Simulation (Click to Download Now!)

Explore our advanced capabilities for closed-loop testing, featuring RF Arbitrary Waveform Generation, wideband streaming, and full scalability for various environments. Our experts will share valuable tips to enhance your electronic warfare and radar signal simulation projects. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders.

  1. Discover our Lucid and Proteus lines

Learn the latest advancements in signal generation and waveform capabilities with our Lucid and Proteus product lines. Visit our booth to see how these innovations can elevate your projects to new heights.


IMS - Tabor Electronics - Booth 1850



Lucid X-Serries

Lucid RF Signal Generators

High performance, high quality, compact and rugged RF Signal Generators

The Lucid RF signal generator Series is geared towards solving applications demanding outstanding dynamic range, fast switching speed, and easy remote programming for seamless system integration, all in a compact module platform. The series was designed to offer industry leading price to performance ratio, delivering a full product portfolio for generating signals for various applications whether, 5G, radar, communications, and more. 

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Proteus Advanced AWG/AWT

Proteus is an advanced direct to RF Arbitrary Waveform Generator with built-in Transceiver

Proteus, Arbitrary Waveform generators / Transceivers series. The new RF AWG/AWT has a built-in IQ modulator with advanced capabilities for multi-channel RF signal generation. The system is based on a PXIe platform and enables you to transmit, receive and perform digital signal processing in a single instrument. 

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