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rfunitThe Tabor Electronics Lucid RF Signal Generator Series is geared towards solving applications demanding outstanding dynamic range, fast switching speed, and easy remote programming for seamless system integration, all in a compact module platform. The Lucid platform offers industry leading price to performance ratio, delivering a full product portfolio for generating signals for various applications whether, 5G, radar, communications, and more.

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Tabor Lucid Multi-Channel RF Signal Generators

The Lucid RF signal generator series is geared towards solving applications demanding outstanding dynamic range, fast switching speed, and easy remote programming for seamless system integration - all in a compact modular platform.
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RF Signal Generation with Digital Up-Converters in AWGs

This white paper covers in-depth how real-time digital up-conversion (DUC) and Digital down-conversion (DDC) is applied to improve the usability, accuracy and RF performance while offering the best-in-class modulation and analysis bandwidths while supporting full coherence and phase control over tens and even hundreds of channels.
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Different Types of Signal Generators and Their Applications

From standard to special purpose, a look at some of the most common types of signal generators and their applications.
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The All New Lucid Series - Multi Channel Analog RF Signal Generator

Lucid Signal Generator - 1 minute Demo

Lucid Portable RF Analog Signal Generator

Mixer Test – Easy IM3 Measurements with the New Lucid 4 Channel Analog Signal Generator

Analog IQ Modulations vs Digital IQ Modulation

Beam-forming with the Lucid Multi-channel Signal Generator

Lucid – Analog RF Signal Generator - Teardown– Lucid Benchtop



Advanced Topics for Quantum Physicists and Optimizing Peak to Average

This seminar covers microwave control systems, which include methods of synthesis, pulse shaping, and modulation techniques used in both semiconductor and photon based qubits. We will also cover analog signal generation techniques common in many systems today, plus direct to microwave digital signal generation and measurement based on new DAC and ADC technology.
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Product Specifications



The Lucid analog signal generator Desktop platform offers all the functionality of a fully featured full-size RF signal generator in the smallest size module. You can use it as a desktop unit or easily scale up to hundreds of channels. Being a modular platform the Desktop signal generator is a solution for enabling customizing according to customers’ requirements and applications’ needs.
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This Portable platform of an analog signal generator enables design engineers and researchers operating in outdoor environments to keep a high standard of experiments and application. The signal generator is equipped with a fieldready 10” touch screen, is suited for night or day use in a user friendly display and has more than a 2 hour battery operation time.
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The Lucid analog signal generator Benchtop version incorporates the ability to facilitate multi channel applications without the need for an external computer. An all in one device with up to 4 phase coherent channels in a 2U 19” benchtop box. The signal generator includes a 5” touch display screen.
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Rack Mount

The Lucid Rack Mount platform is a cost efficient and advanced analog signal generator. Allowing maximum channel density and yet minimal rack space. This signal generator has up to 4 channels in a 19” 1U box and up to 16 phase coherent channels in a 19” 3U box.
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Signal Path Review -- Tabor Lucid Series RF Signal Generator

Signal Path Reviewer Shahriar Shahramian reviews the Lucid 12HGz 4-channel RF Signal Generator, noting in one section, “Look at all these cutouts. They are metalized, providing high levels of RF isolation. This type of design takes a long time, and is usually expensive – it’s very nice to see, and contributes directly to the Tabor unit's high performance in a compact form factor.”



Aerial Drone View Inside Radar Tower

EEC Weathertech, which designs and installs weather radar towers all over the world, relies on Tabor's handheld analog signal generator (the only handheld analog signal generator available) for its precision and durability even in the toughest environments, such as here in the Amazon jungle.